Rahul Bhambhani can best be described as a “business wizard”. Combining extraordinarily sharp intuition, the ability to see a business in its purest form, and practical understanding of the many aspects of business, Rahul works with clients to optimize their business operations so they can not only enjoy an improved bottom line, but also enjoy the many intangible (but no less satisfying) benefits that come with running a business that is in impeccable alignment with the core contribution it is designed to make to the world.

Rahul works exclusively with businesses and individuals that are committed to accessing higher levels of flow and efficiency within their operations while staying true to the love and inspiration that birthed the business in the first place. This is his personal commitment for two reasons; 1) this is how he operates within his own business, and impeccability is the most satisfying thing to him 2) he intimately understands the tremendous leverage in the energies of love and inspiration, and loves to work with those who believe business can be lucrative, ever-expansive, and fun.

Business Wizardry

Business Wizard Testimonials

  • Shveta Bhambhani

    Shveta Bhambhani

    “Rahul has a natural ability to feel into your soul and tap in to its deepest purpose and joy. That is exactly how I felt in my most recent experience with him regarding the clarity of my actions. I needed reassurance, support and guidance in taking a huge leap in starting my baking business – something I had pondered for at least the last decade, but the timing was never “right.”

    Rahul’s mere presence in my life was the spark I needed to embark on the effortless journey to fulfilling my dream, and, in literally a week, with his guidance I set up the business and actually fulfilled my first orders today! It’s incredible and unimaginable how you can feel when you’re meeting your soul’s highest potential. Thanks to Rahul for helping me figure out how to be Me and serve my purpose.”

    ~ Shveta Bhambhani | www.Choco-Latte.biz

  • James Kerti

    James Kerti

    “My conversation with Rahul allowed me to effortlessly get a crystal clear lock on the vision and frequency of that which I wished to create.

    Rahul did a perfect job holding the space for the discovery of both the driving forces that inspired me to create, as well as the blocks that were impeding my progress.

    As a result of talking with Rahul, I’ve come out with a clear vision of what I’m creating, while being in touch constantly with the inspiration behind it. Being able to understand and feel that inspiration has become a key ingredient in helping me bring my creation into being.”

    ~ James Kerti | www.JamesKerti.com

  • Lauren Sheehan

    Lauren Sheehan

    “Rahul is a master of abundant thinking and creation. He will help you see beyond anything you can see yourself, and formulate any creation you have into a limitless and abundant mechanism for your life. He will uplevel your ability to receive more money while staying in alignment with yourself, and he will show you how amazing you are so you’ll leave feeling that level of amazing when you are done.

    From this point forward in my business, I will never move forward with a creation or offering without consulting with him first and getting support in shaping up what feels best to me, is in most alignment, and will create the most flow and abundance in my life.”

    ~ Lauren Sheehan | www.FeminineRhythm.com

  • Lisa Berkovitz

    Lisa Berkovitz

    “I recently did a session with Rahul and it was STELLAR. If you are at a point where there is new flow seeking to happen through you, and you’d like a fully present, super-aligned master with X-ray vision to hold the space for you to download and articulate your next creation, this is your man. Enthusiastically recommended!”

    ~ Lisa Berkovitz | www.ProjectSweetSpot.com

  • Jordanna Eyre

    Jordanna Eyre

    “I was blown away by the clarity, vision, and forward movement that came out of just one session with Rahul! He was able to bring out more depth of vision and passion than I knew I had around my work (and I’m already quite the visionary, so that’s huge!).

    He helped me join forces with a collaborative partner in a way that felt really good for both of us, and catapulted our project forward to a level that feels more expansive than what we might have envisioned on our own. I’m so grateful for the space he’s still holding for us, and the growth he created!”

    ~ Jordanna Eyre | www.YouAreWhole.com


Clear Mirror Coaching

RAWithin a coaching context, Rahul Bhambhani can best be described as a “Death Coach”. Rahul feels this is more appropriate than the more common “Life Coach” title , as he has found one is only able to truly live once one has died to all they are not. Rahul knows this experientially, as he has walked the path to greater awareness for the last decade, saying yes to his truth time and time again, and dying to who he is not time and time again.

Blessed to have been mentored by some of the best teachers and guides on the planet, Rahul has discovered his own coaching methodology over the course of his journey. Loving, compassionate, and fiercely committed to honestly and responsibly looking at what is truly going on, Rahul guides clients through the process of gently confronting what they are resisting so they can live as Love, once again.

Coaching Testimonials

  • Jack Peterson

    Jack Peterson

    “Rahul is one of the most masterful beings I’ve met. The experience working with him was nothing less than transformational. Over the course of 6 months, I saw my clarity and fulfillment sky rocket. My relationships, romantic life and my work became more effortless, while also becoming higher quality. I learned to connect to my own Divine guidance, and the realization that I am powerful beyond measure. I learned to love courageously with a wide open heart. I learned to connect to my own knowingness and abundance. Manifestations of my desires and goals began to show up within days, and sometimes within hours. 

    Working with Rahul changed the course of my life in a big way. 4 months into the program, I ended up quitting my engineering job and setting off on my own most inspired path as a coach and a traveler. It was the biggest decision of my life. I could not have set off on this courageous journey this seamlessly without Rahul. I cannot express my appreciation and love enough for this man. 

    ~ Jack Peterson | www.HighlyConsciousMan.com