Rahul Bhambhani is a mentor, teacher, and guide to those who are committed to releasing all that they are not so that they may Live As Who They Really Are. Rahul’s commitment to those who meet him in such a space is total, as he is known to be willing to do whatever is necessary to support a student in Realizing, and Living, his or her True Nature. Having walked the path to greater Awareness himself for over a decade, Rahul intimately understands the challenges that go hand-in-hand with leaving behind worldly identities and attachments so that one may Live the Truth of Who They Are. Compassionate, fierce, dynamic, and total, Rahul guides his students to confronting, and dissolving, all that exists within themselves that is keeping them separate from Life. Rahul enjoys nothing more than watching an individual blossom into a master in the Art of Living, and this is precisely the result he is devoted to achieving with each and every one of his students.

To inquire about working with Rahul, please fill out the contact form, and he will be in touch with you within 48 hours.


Miten Patel

“I have the pleasure of being able to speak from firsthand experience in describing the profound impact that results from utilizing all of the services Rahul has to offer. However, know that he will never treat you like just any old student because he possesses a true passion and desire to help anyone who seeks his help.

Amongst the many profound things that I have learned from Rahul, one of the most important lessons was realizing that we spend so much of our lives running away from those aspects of our identities that seem to differentiate us from others. However, largely thanks to Rahul’s guidance, I am now able to see the beauty in accessing those unique qualities and applying them in transformative ways to both enrich my life and align my true identity with my reality. It is difficult to fully capture the reach and impact of Rahul’s experiences and guidance in words, but if you give his services a chance, then description will be rendered meaningless as you will be able to actually feel the effects of his guidance.”

~ Miten Patel | Teacher for Teach for America

Jessica Winterstern

“I had the privilege of working with Rahul, and, it was the greatest investment I ever made. Rahul changed my life.

So many people are doing amazing work; teaching others how to grow, how to evolve, how to transform… And, they are making a difference! And yet, the difference only goes so far as it’s one thing to ‘talk the talk’… But to fully live what one teaches is hard to come by.

Well, every person on this planet would be lucky to work with Rahul. He is a master at what he does, more committed to Truth than anyone I have ever met, and he fully embodies what he teaches.”

~ Jessica Winterstern

Jack Peterson

“Rahul is one of the most masterful beings I’ve met. The experience working with him was nothing less than transformational. Over the course of 6 months, I saw my clarity and fulfillment sky rocket. My relationships, romantic life and my work became more effortless, while also becoming higher quality. I learned to connect to my own Divine guidance, and the realization that I am powerful beyond measure. I learned to love courageously with a wide open heart. I learned to connect to my own knowingness and abundance. Manifestations of my desires and goals began to show up within days, and sometimes within hours.

Working with Rahul changed the course of my life in a big way. 4 months into working with him, I ended up quitting my engineering job and setting off on my own most inspired path as a coach and a traveler. It was the biggest decision of my life. I could not have set off on this courageous journey this seamlessly without Rahul. I cannot express my appreciation and love enough for this man.”

~ Jack Peterson | www.HighlyConsciousMan.com

Chris Assaad

It is one thing to see the Greatness in others, it is another altogether to be able to lead them as they live into that Greatness, and go on the journey of becoming the Truth of Who They Are. Only one who has lived this and who breathes It, moment to moment, with impeccable Integrity and an unwavering commitment to Pure Love and Truth could do this for another.

Rahul was with me during the most intense and challenging chapter of my life. He has been my greatest Teacher and the most humble servant. He has been everything I needed him to be in order for me to receive my Self fully. He imparted ineffable Truths, wielded his sword with precision to pierce my delusions, beheld me as a king and celebrated all my victories as his own. Yes, RA has been my most fiercely loyal and solid supporter in my moments of weakness and yet he has always pointed me back to the Power and Strength within myself, never allowing me to lean too much on him or anything outside of myself.

It has been my privilege to know Rahul, and I am blessed to call him my friend, my brother, my teacher and the one that has so masterfully led me on the path of discovering my own Greatness and connecting to the undeniable Truth of Who I Am and why I Am here.

~ Chris Assaad | www.ChrisAssaad.com

Anand T.

“Not working with Rahul will be the biggest mistake of your life. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Rahul, I would not have the same relationship with myself, my family, friends, and women that I do now.

Through his guidance and meditation, he totally changed the way I see things and thanks to him, I am acting more in accordance with my environment than reacting to it. I am able to relax and stand back and observe situations at will. I am able to recognize when I am my true self and when my ego is thinking for me. I am able to truly connect with people on a deeper level and not exert energy worrying about how they are perceiving me, realizing that that is in fact all a self created illusion.

Most importantly, thanks to him, I am able to be me.”

~ Anand T. | Houston, TX