Rahul’s Story

At the age of 20, Rahul dropped out of a ‘top 5 university’ in the United States to pursue a higher calling.

Studying finance and business at the time, Rahul was on the fast track to a six figure salary out of college, working for a top investment bank or hedge fund. Yet, this was not to be his destiny.

One day, while at his parents’ home over spring break, a question suddenly popped into Rahul’s mind.

“What is my purpose in life?”

It was a question that, literally, came out of nowhere. The way it struck him was life-changing. For the first time in his short life, Rahul felt infused with meaning, because in the asking of that question, he awakened to a part of himself that he had not felt before.

He awakened to a feeling of his soul’s purpose.

Going on this feeling alone, Rahul began to seek out Higher Wisdom, reading books and blogs, and proactively reaching out to those who he perceived to have that Wisdom. It wasn’t long before Rahul connected with those resources, and started to immerse himself completely in what they were offering. Six months after that initial life-changing question popped into his mind, Rahul dropped out of university, and he never looked back.

Though he did not yet know how to provide for himself while living from this new place of meaning and purpose, Rahul charged forward anyway, trusting that it would all work out if he simply kept placing one foot in front of the next on the invisible path he had connected with.

And, it did. Somehow, someway, it always did.

Carried by Grace, Rahul connected with an unequivocal knowing of a Higher Power that guides us all, and forged a relationship with this Power that, to this day, is the very basis of how he goes about living in this world.

On a long, winding, and arduous journey, one that took him through many different walks of life, Rahul gradually carved out an awareness of his soul’s calling, and eventually arrived at an expression that felt like the meeting point between who he is, and what the world is calling forth from him.

Helping those who are committed to living from their hearts and souls fulfill their destinies.

Since the moment he embarked on his journey at the young age of 20, Rahul has been immersed in his own transformation, and everything in his life has supported him in realizing a singular intent.

“How do I live and thrive in this world as who I really am, with absolutely no compromise?”

Guided by this question, and with an unshakeable resolve to answer it, Rahul has blazed a trail through the established ways of our world with the intention of demonstrating an entirely new possibility.

That it is possible to thrive as who we really are, with no compromise, if we can only find the faith to believe it’s possible, and the courage to walk our own unique paths to the realization of that possibility.