Vanessa Petronelli

VanessaHeadshot“If you have come across Rahul Bhambhani, and are contemplating working with him, there’s a reason for it. I have worked with other guides before, and have invested in my personal and spiritual development for almost a decade. And, all I can say is that Rahul possesses gifts and abilities that I have NEVER experienced with any other before. 

His unorthodox approach and assistance will take your entire life to a whole new level.”

~ www.VanessaPetronelli.com

Kanchan Koya

“Rahul has lovingly shown me where I am resisting my true nature of love, joy and freedom. Working with Rahul, I have become aware of the masks and protective layers that I have carefully and cleverly constructed over the years, and he has helped me immensely in my journey of shedding these masks and protective layers to be more of the Love I Am.

Rahul’s guidance helps one sense, and eventually live in alignment with, the Truth within, making us aware of infinite possibilities in our lives and pure, unconditional love for ourselves and others.”

~ www.SpiceSpiceBaby.net

Chris Assaad

ChrisHeadshot“It is one thing to see the greatness in others, it is another altogether to be able to lead them as they live into that greatness, and go on the journey of becoming who they really are. Only one who has lived this and who breathes it, moment to moment, with impeccable integrity and an unwavering commitment to pure love and truth could do this for another. 

I have had the privilege of knowing such a man, and I am blessed to know him as the one that has so masterfully led me on the path of discovering my own greatness, and connecting to the undeniable truth of who I am and why I am here. 
He has served me in a way that words fail to do any real justice.” 

Jack Peterson

JackHeadshot“Rahul is one of the most masterful beings I’ve met. I was immediately drawn to him, as I found him to be an ideal guide to help me reach my next levels of fulfillment and personal expansion. I chose him above all others from pure and undeniable intuition. 

The experience working with Rahul was nothing less than transformational. Over a six month period, I saw my clarity and fulfillment sky rocket. My relationships, romantic life and my work became effortless, and at the same time, of a higher quality. I learned to connect to my divinity, and the realization that I am powerful beyond measure. I learned to love courageously with a wide open heart. 

Working with Rahul changed the course of my life in a big way. I cannot express my appreciation and love enough for this man.” 

~ www.HighlyConsciousMan.com